If there is one activity that has been seriously affected by the pandemic, it is tourism, and it is a real shame, since it is a noble and beautiful activity that involves many people. From tour guides, restaurants, travel agencies, shoeshine’s, street vendors; to hotels and artisans, and this just to name a few sectors, as the list of people who benefit from tourism is even longer.

In most cases, as in the field of tour guides, street traders, artisans, among others, we do not have any financial support or a lifesaving that protects us. In addition, what will become of these items if this pandemic continues?

Tourism is considered a "chimneyless industry", which makes not only people benefit, but also the planet and its ecosystem in general. So what can we do to mitigate this tremendous impact that affects, on the one hand, the economy of thousands of people, and on the other hand, that wonderful therapy that every passenger who travels for pleasure and knows various cultures, landscapes and life experiences that enrich the soul?

Unfortunately, it could not and is not done much about it, since this virus is so growing and powerful that it has everyone paralyzed, in many cases confined in an apartment, or hopefully in a house - perhaps with a garden - and unfortunately one of the most distant possibilities is to travel.

Blaming someone often mitigates a little the frustration and grief of what we live in. The terrible thing in this case is that we have no one to blame, and between silence and worry, we have no choice but to endure and stay where we are.

However, let us not see all the bad, let us try not to be negative; of course, something can be done. It is still very important to reach those thousands of people who long to go out and continue to have wonderful experiences thanks to tourism, and it is time to reinvent ourselves, to be creative and to offer a balm and give the opportunity to experience what tourism offers, even if in this case it has to be virtually.

Personally, in the pandemic I dedicated myself to writing. Initially I immersed myself in writing a book about a fascinating culture such as Tiwanaku, here in Bolivia, and the result is TIWANAKU THE MYSTERIES OF A MILENARIA CULTURE, a book that you can find on this website.

In addition, I wrote a new book called A MAGIC PLACE IN THE HEART OF SOUTH AMERICA –BOLIVIA, in which I scribed the result of my experience as a tour guide traveling throughout my country for more than 37 years, thus achieving this "gem" with more than 700 pages and just over 1200 photographs of my own. It is a fantastic tour of Bolivia and its great diversity. This book will soon be available in three languages: Spanish, German and English.

Well, yes, you definitely can. Let us use our creativity so that tourism doesn't die. This pandemic will not last a lifetime, at some point it will stop and travel lovers will have very interesting information to decide where to go. I'm sure people will be very motivated, grateful and going on a large-scale trip after this historic confinement.


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